10 Month State of the Camino Address

Ten months ago today, after a couple of years of intermittent discussions of half-made plans, my cousin and I decided to walk the Camino Primitivo in May of 2020. Since Then February 6th: Started Blog Fifteen months seemed like a very long time to wait for our Camino, so I thought a blog  would be … Continue reading 10 Month State of the Camino Address

Lightening Pack Weight for the Camino

In my quest for an enjoyable Camino experience, I have continued to adjust my packing strategy. After my Ultralight Camino thought experiment (video HERE), I determined that a realistic base weight (gear weight minus worn or consumable items) could be around 10 pounds and still provide an acceptable amount of comfort. My pack weight right … Continue reading Lightening Pack Weight for the Camino

Lazy Bear Blanket Review

Even on the Camino, sleep systems are still important. I've tried out a few (see HERE and HERE), but I think I might have found something really good in The Big Blue Mountain Lazy Bear puffy blanket. It is a fairly lightweight, stuffable, throw blanket that is weather resistant and can function when wet. Here … Continue reading Lazy Bear Blanket Review

Shopping for My Camino Backpack (Again)

The struggle is real. As I wrote about in My Pack, my Camino gear journey began with the gift of the Osprey Exos 38. On paper, this was the perfect Camino pack - it seemed to work just fine on my first test hike, and held my gear perfectly on my first pack test. The … Continue reading Shopping for My Camino Backpack (Again)

Pooping on the Camino

It's Halloween and so I am dropping (pun intended) this SCARY video today. It is literally scary how bad this issue has gotten on the Camino, and scary that few if anyone knows how to deal with it. In this video I discuss how pilgrims can learn from backpacker's "trail toilets" and discuss the tools … Continue reading Pooping on the Camino

A 60 Liter Backpack for the Camino???

It probably sounds crazy to even suggest taking a 60 Liter backpack on the Camino, and for good reason: They have too much space! They cost too much! They weight too much! Or do they??? Today's inexpensive, high quality, expandable backpacks are making such a choice a lot more reasonable. HERE I look at two … Continue reading A 60 Liter Backpack for the Camino???