Gaiter Test

The purpose of gaiters is to keep water and dirt from getting into your footwear from the top. I've used full sized gaiters when hiking in snow, but they're a bit much for the Camino. Because it is very hard to keep dry even with "waterproof" clothing, I thought these might be a good addition … Continue reading Gaiter Test


Skirting: The Issue

So, rain pants are great in theory. The problem is they're difficult to put on / take off fast because they generally require removing/replacing shoes plus a full pack drop (possibly in the rain and mud). Then there's the limited success they have in keeping your waist and legs dry anyway (often failing to keep … Continue reading Skirting: The Issue

Ultralight Gear?

I love watching thru-hiker gear reviews (two of my favorites are Darwin onthetrail and Homemade Wanderlust). After hiking literally thousands of miles and trying out many different products, these thru-hikers really know their stuff. As helpful as their knowledge is, though, it is important to realize that walking the Camino is almost nothing like a … Continue reading Ultralight Gear?