Camino Planning Apps

Planning for the Camino is a lot easier and more fun using gear apps online. HERE I show how to use one of the most popular - LighterPack.


The So-Called 10% Rule

The "10% Rule" . . . when it comes to pack weight considerations, probably no guideline is more cited (and disputed!) in Camino forums. What is the 10% Rule, and is it based on science, folk wisdom, or mere rumor? Problems with the 10% Rule This popular pack weight rule of thumb says that you … Continue reading The So-Called 10% Rule

Camino Camera Accessories

Click image above or HERE for video version! There are some cool photography accessories that you might find useful on the Way. Some of these will depend on which Camino Camera you choose, of course, so I will sort them accordingly. For All Cameras No matter what you bring with you for capturing pictures and … Continue reading Camino Camera Accessories

Camino Camera Considerations

Click image above or HERE for video version! When my best friend and I spent a month in Europe after college in the mid-90's, I took a whopping 500 pictures. Today, of course, people take 500 pics of themselves during the course of a single night out - but back in the days of film, … Continue reading Camino Camera Considerations

Keeping Clean on the Camino

Packing proper toiletries for hygiene on the Camino can be a real stress reducer. Although knowing you can stay clean (or at least "Camino clean") as you walk will alleviate many concerns, but doing so can be costly in cash, convenience, and kilos. Here are some items that can help. Cleansers For the Shower: Soap … Continue reading Keeping Clean on the Camino

Magicer Shoes?

A while back I wrote up a post on the Altra Lone Peak "Magic Shoes". The Altra Timps are a cross between the Lone Peak and Olympus trail runners. HERE I take them for a test run and even a "slip test"to see if these might be my new "magic" Camino shoes!